Love does not force

yet she is forceful.

Love is omnipresent

yet people crave for her every second of their existence.

Love is not material
and yet she materializes herself.

Love is selfless
and yet she serves every purpose.

Love knows no fear
and yet she evokes fear.

Love is like the green grass, fresh after a spring rain
As strong as grass for which even concrete bows.

Love is strong as a rock
and transparent as the air you breathe.

Love is free
and yet she is unfree.

Love knows no ties
and yet it forges ties.

as clear as a diamond
radiant in the sunshine.


Peace in Design S.C.A.

Peace in Design makes visible what connects people: the LOVE. The owners, Purusha Geelen-van de Graaf (artist) and Robbert Geelen (urbanist), do this by means of paintings, interiors, designs, conversations and poems. The poem about Love, made by Purusha, is published in the (Dutch) book 'Paden van Licht'

GezondheidsCoöperatief Nederland

This poem is also the basis of the GezondheidsCoöperatief Nederland (Dutch Health Cooperative).This cooperative offers its 1.200 members the space to meet each other, share experiences and experience the power of what it is to connect from LOVE. The core themes are Freedom of Choice, Physical Integrity and Privacy.

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