People used to say, "Father's will is law!"

What that meant was that the father had the last word and you had to listen to it. Of course, it still depended on who your father was, what that law looked like. If you were unlucky that your father was authoritarian, you'd be oppressed. If your father was a human being who had everyone's best interests at heart, he would connect with you. A conversation ensued in which arguments were weighed up and, as a result, he eventually came to an agreement. An agreement that everyone could agree with. So a father's law was determined by his worldview. If he acted from an authoritarian attitude, there was power. If he had love for you, he sought connection.

It also says, "Everyone must know the law."

What's that supposed to mean? It's impossible to for everyone to go to law school. But where does this demand come from?

For example, the laws that every human being knows, feels and experiences as being logical. Killing someone is not done as is making someone deliberately ill by poisoning water, food, air and radiation. When someone is locked up against his will, power is involved, as when someone wants to prescribe you.

These laws you feel inside and are logical natural frameworks.

The bottom line is that you listen to each other, don't hurt each other. That you can be trusted. This is very simple and based on laws that you feel internally and externally apply in your life, in a very natural way.

Dealing with each other based on trust, letting each person grow and blossom! By using these natural laws as a basis, everyone gets the space to be and learn the lessons why you came to Mother Earth.

This T-shirt is a sign to the world that you, as a human being, act out of LOVE and embody building a world, as she always has meant to be, based on freedom (of choice). That you act out of trust and you are subservient to yourself, other human beings and Mother Earth.


Purusha Geelen-van de Graaf

The free human being

The painting that forms the background of the text I respect the law of LOVE, depicts 'The free human being', the title of the painting. The free human being is a human being who flourishes totally and acts without interfering an 'I'.

For Purusha LOVE is the most important aspect of life. That is the reason she writes, designs and paints to make an invisible world visible. Her motto “The stars in your eyes reflect the sunshine in your heart” clarifies that inspiration in the essence: the sunshine is the pure manifestation of that invisible world.